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2 Key (Hardware) Year guarantee PVC TEX Includes bag Best seller Transform your Outdoor space with our range of creative display solutions. Ultima Displays is proud to offer a diverse range of portable outdoor signage to get your brand or messaging noticed. From flags for forecourts and festivals, through to versatile tents for marketing come rain or shine. We offer display solutions to cater to a variety of budgets and locations. Contents Display Banners 3 Display Signs 4 Flags 8 Tents 16 Barriers 22

3 The Thunder 2 double-sided retractable roller banner is ideal for outdoor use as it is strong and durable yet very easy to assemble and transport. Standing 2m high, Thunder 2 will display your message on both sides for maximum viewing impact. Material Plastic, aluminium and steel Pole Three part bungee pole Graphic area Double-sided Graphic attachment Self-adhesive leader / top snap rail Ground fixing 4 pegs (included) Wind resistance Up to 7 mph / 11 km/h (unpegged) up to 24 mph / 39 km/h (if pegged) Transport Padded bag Blizzard is a great all-rounder as it is ideal for all kinds of corporate, sporting and outdoor events. Its simple design makes it very easy to assemble on-site, and because it’s adjustable, it can accommodate different graphic sizes to suit your application. Material Plastic and metal Pole Adjustable in width and height Graphic area Single-sided Graphic attachment Eyelets Base capacity 12 litres Wind resistance Up to 18 mph / 29 km/h Transport Non-padded bag Thunder 2 Blizzard Thunder 2 UB185-850-01 884(w) x 2100(h) x 740(d) mm Blizzard UB701 600/800(w) x 1600/2100(h) x 540(d) mm Graphic Code* G-RB-85-BE Roller Banner Graphic 850MM (W) BE G-RB-85-BP Roller Banner Graphic 850MM (W) BP Graphic Code G-UB701-800-BE Blizzard 800MM (W) Graphic BE Three-part bungee pole Non-padded bag included Ground pegs Display Banners Display Banners | Outdoor *For double-sided use, order 2x graphics.

4 Symbol is constructed of robust weighted steel and angled for optimal viewing and reading for better engagement with prospective customers. Interchangeable graphics slide in to the recess channel and fix in place tool-free with a turnscrew. Material Steel Profile colour Black Assembly Allen key and thumb screws Graphic attachment Thumb screws Graphic option Rigid PVC and Dibond (3-5 mm thickness) Weight 7.2 kg Wind speed 18 mph The Whirlwind signage solution is a heavy-duty, weather resistant swing sign with a wheeled base for ease of deployment. Base can be filled with a whopping 25 litres of water to keep in place. Double-sided graphics are held securely in a front loading ‘snap-action’ double-sided panel and it all flat packs for ease of transportation. A perfect piece of kit! Material Aluminium, steel, plastic base, PVC sheet cover Graphic area Double-sided Graphic attachment Snap rail Graphic option Banner vinyl Application Free-standing Symbol Whirlwind Symbol IP01 420(w) x 1280(h) x 450(d) mm (A4) 480(w) x 1280(h) x 450(d) mm (A3) Whirlwind - A1 UB207-A1 780w) x 1165(h) x 500(d) mm Whirlwind - A0 UB207-A0 1010(w) x 1554(h) x 625(d) mm Graphic Codes* G-UB207-A1-BE Whirlwind Graphic A1 G-UB207-A0-BE Whirlwind Graphic A0 Content detail Quick change graphic Tool-free locking mechanism Tool-free snap rail Wheels for easy transportation Display Signs Graphic options are available on request. *For double-sided use, order 2x graphics.

5 Pavement signage is a marketing stalwart. No high street would be without one, and the A-sign Board is one of the best. Simple to use with double-sided ‘snap-action’ front loading frames, complete with protective PVC sheeting to shield graphics which can be changed over and over again to keep up with brand messaging or offers. Material Aluminium, steel, PVC sheet cover Graphic area Double-sided Graphic attachment Snap rail Wind speed 18 mph Weight 10.56 kg Formulate Shadow is a no fuss outdoor sign offering customers a viable alternative to traditional outdoor signs that typically rely on water or sand for stability. Material Steel Assembly Push-fit button/Allen key Tube 32 mm Graphic area Double-sided Graphic attachment Zipped tension fabric graphic Wind resistance Up to 18 mph / 29 km/h Weight 12.7 kg A-sign Board Formulate Shadow A-sign Board A1 VF204-C 638(w) x 1060(h) x 825(d) mm Formulate Shadow FORM-ODS 800(w) x 1174(h) x 420(d) mm Graphic Codes* G-VF204-C-BE Single A1 Graphic for A-Sign Board Graphic Codes G-FORM-ODS-1-PS Formulate Shadow Display Graphic single-sided G-FORM-ODS-2-PS Formulate Shadow Display Graphic double-sided Snap frame Integrated castors Base with handle Display Signs | Outdoor *For double-sided use, order 2x graphics.

6 Horizon is the ideal solution for large scale promotions. Use single-sided or double-sided to maximise the impact for brand displays. Link individual units together to form a display wall. Securely weighted by twin water filled bases for total stability. Material Aluminium, moulded grey plastic base Pole Adjustable height (1500-2400 mm) Graphic area Single or double-sided Graphic attachment Eyelets Base capacity 28 litres per tank Wind resistance Up to 12 mph / 19 km/h Horizon Telescopic pole for adjustable height Graphic attaches with eyelets *from 1500 to 3000 mm 28l 28l Horizon UB203 2500(w) x1500/3000(h) x 800(d) mm Graphic Codes* G-UB203-1500-BE Horizon Graphic 2500(w) x 1500(h) mm G-UB203-2000-BE Horizon Graphic 2500(w) x 2000(h) mm G-UB203-2400-BE Horizon Graphic 2500(w) x 2400(h) mm *For double-sided use, order 2x graphics.

7 Monsoon is a perfect all-weather sturdy single or double-sided ‘A’ frame banner with bungeed PVC eyelet banner graphics - perfect for displaying brand messaging or wayfinding information. Material Aluminium tubes (25 mm), plastic connectors Graphic area Single or double-sided Graphic attachment Eyelets and looped bungee cords Wind capacity Up to 24 mph / 39 km/h Monsoon Eyeletted graphic attaches to frames with bungee cord Metal hinge Interlocking sections Make brand messaging or wayfinding information literally pop with the Stowaway pop-out display banner that deploys in seconds for use either indoors or secured outside with pegs supplied. Material Sprung steel pole Graphic area Double-sided Graphic attachment Elasticated pole pocket Ground fixing 4 pegs (included) Transport Carry bag included Wind Speed 18 mph (when pegged) Stowaway Portable carrier bag Internal hook and loop straps 4 pegs supplied Graphic Codes* G-UB707-C-2500-BE Monsoon Graphic 2500(w) x 1000(h) mm G-UB711-C-3000-BE Monsoon Graphic 3000(w) x 1250(h) mm Monsoon 2500mm UB707-C 2500(w) x 1000(h) x 640(d) mm Monsoon 3000mm UB711-C 3000(w) x 1250(h) x 795(d) mm Graphic Codes G-UB736-03A-FKB Stowaway Graphic 1400(w) x 700(h) mm G-UB736-01A-FKB Stowaway Graphic 2000(w) x 1000(h) mm Stowaway 1400mm UB736-03A 1420(w) x 700(h) x 400/480(d) mm Stowaway 2000mm UB736-01A 2020(w) x 1000(h) x 400/480(d) mm Display Signs | Outdoor *For double-sided use, order 2x graphics.

8 Flags Our flags offer dynamic and eyecatching solutions for any promotional need. Available in various sizes and styles, each flag is crafted with highquality materials to ensure durability and vivid colour reproduction. Freestanding Flags 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m 0m 3.2 m 4.0 m 4.9 m 2.6 m Feather Flag

9 Flags | Outdoor 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m 0m 2,40 m 3.2 m 4.0 m 4.9 m 2.6 m Crest Flag 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m 0m 3.5 m 4,6 m 2,8 m 2.1m Quill Flag

10 1 2 3 Choose your flag Choose your size Choose your graphic Size Hardware Size Material Small Zoom + Flag Pole UF-ZM-SM 550/800(w) x 2100/2600(h) mm GRP fibre glass pole Medium Zoom + Flag Pole UF-ZM-ME 600/900(w) x 2800/3200(h) mm GRP fibre glass pole Large Zoom + Flag Pole UF-ZM-LA 800/1100(w) x 3500/4000(h) mm GRP fibre glass pole Extra Large Zoom + Flag Pole* UF-ZM-EXLA 850/1200(w) x 4600/4900(h) mm GRP fibre glass pole Feather (G-FEA) Crest (G-CRE) Quill (G-QUI) Single-sided (-1) Double-sided (-2) Bespoke sizes also available. Wind resistance up to 63mph/1-1km/h under controlled conditions. *UF-ZM-EXLA not available double-sided. Zoom+ Crest 2,40 m 3.2 m 4.0 m 4.9 m 2.6 m Zoom+ Feather 3.5 m 4,6 m 2,8 m 2.1m Zoom+ Quill 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m 0m 3.2 m 4.0 m 4.9 m 2.6 m

11 4 5 6 Flags | Outdoor Choose your pole pocket Build your flag code Choose your flag base Printed (FKP) White (FKW) Black (FKB) 1. Flag Shape Feather G-FEA Quill G-QUI Crest G-CRE Zoom + Feather Small flag: Single side print with printed pole pocket Hardware UF-ZM-SM Graphic G-FEA-SM-1-FKP Base UF-ZMLSQ-01 square base 7.5kg UB719-C + weighting ring Zoom + Crest Large flag: Double-sided print with white pole pocket Hardware UF-ZM-LA Graphic G-CRE-LA-2-FKW Base UF-ZMLWB Large water base 4. Pole pocket Printed -FKP White -FKW Black -FKB 2. Flag Size Small -SM Medium -ME Large -LA Extra Large -EXLA 3. Flag Graphic Single-Sided -1 Double-Sided -2 A range of bases is available to suit your location. Please see www.ultimadisplays.com to view more information. (Bases sold separately) Weighted Metal & Cement Spike

12 The Zoom+ Arch stands out at any outdoor event or activity. With an overall height of 3m to the top of the graphic and a 4m width, it’s perfect to use as a focal point or to attract attention. Simple and quick to assemble, it can be deployed in minutes and when used with the optional stackable bases, provides an extremely stable display that can be used in wind speeds of up to 20mph. Material GRP fibre glass pole - chrome steel end caps, plastic hook Graphic area Single-sided Graphic attachment Pole pocket Wind resistance Up to 19 km/h Zoom+ Arch Zoom+ Arch ZOOM+ARCH 4000(w) x 2500/3000(h) mm Stackable base* (optional) UF-ZMSWB 642(w) x 277(h) x 642(d) mm Graphic attaches on to plastic hook Supplied with 1 x 6-part bungee pole, 2 x base rods and hooks Water fillable base Handle for easy transportation 26l Graphic Code G-ZOOM+ARCH-FKB Zoom+ Arch Graphic *Recommend using with 4x bases.

13 Flags | Outdoor Zoom+ is a popular and versatile, lightweight rectangular shaped flag system with black finish all-fibre poles. Ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor displays. Quick and easy to deploy and can withstand winds of approximately 13 -18m/h (21-29km/h). Optional custom printed flag graphic available in single and double-sided options (small, medium, and large), and all flag graphics have a printed pole pocket. The flag moves naturally in breezy/windy conditions and is ideal for attracting attention on car forecourts, at exhibitions and events, or outside a building or premises. Material Aluminium and GRP Graphic area Single-sided or double-sided (double-sided only available up to large) Graphic attachment Pole pocket Wind resistance Up to 18 mph / 29 km/h Zoom+ Edge Flag Zoom + Edge Flag Small UF-ZME-SM 750(w) x 2080(h) mm Medium UF-ZME-ME 750(w) x 2900(h) mm Large UF-ZME-LA 750(w) x 4000(h) mm Extra Large UF-ZME-EXLA 750(w) x 5000(h) mm 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m 0m Zoom+ Edge 4.0m 2.9m 2.08m 5.0m Graphic attaches on to hook Printed Pole Pocket Single-sided Double-sided Small G-EDG-SM-1-FKP G-EDG-SM-2-FKP Medium G-EDG-ME-1-FKP G-EDG-ME-2-FKP Large G-EDG-LA-1-FKP G-EDG-LA-2-FKP Extra Large G-EDG-EXLA-1-FKP - Black Pole Pocket Single-sided Double-sided Small - G-EDG-SM-2-FKB Medium - G-EDG-ME-2-FKB Large - G-EDG-LA-2-FKB

14 The Mistral is a fixed outdoor flag system designed for mounting to lampposts or building exteriors and is perfect for advertising or promoting a brand or event. The mechanism attaches directly to a pole, posts, or wall and can be moved to accommodate varying graphic heights. An eye-catching solution that can also be used for information and wayfinding, this flag is especially effective when repeated over a series of posts. Material Aluminium castings and GRP tubes Tube Height adjustable Graphic area Single-sided or double-sided Graphic attachment Pole pocket Wind resistance Up to 40 km/h Mistral Mistral UB725-01 890(w) x 2000(h) mm Size Single-sided Double-sided 0.8 X 1M G-UB725-01-100-1-FKP G-UB725-01-100-2-BE 0.8 X 1.5M G-UB725-01-150-1-FKP G-UB725-01-150-2-BE 0.8 x 2M G-UB725-01-200-1-FKP G-UB725-01-150-2-BE Post fixing Post / Wall Mounted Flags An imposing telescopic flag which stands 5m high when fully assembled and is certain to make an impact at any outdoor event, Wind Dancer comes complete with a base which can be filled with either water or sand. The 3.5m flag height makes an impressive statement when the flagpole is deployed at its full 5m height, and is particularly impactful when used in large crowded areas because of its dominating presence. Material Aluminium pole, plastic base Pole Telescopic Graphic area Single-sided Graphic attachment Eyelets Base capacity 66 litres Wind resistance Up to 18 mph / 29 km/h Wind Dancer Wind Dancer WD105 1000(w) x 2900/5300(h) x 1000(d) mm Graphic Code G-WD105-1-FK Wind Dancer 5m single-sided graphic Clamp (Ø 300mm max) Can be fixed to a pole or wall From 2900 to 5300 mm 1000mm Largest flag in our range

15 Street flag is the ideal advertising medium when on the move or when you want to attract attention in a crowded space! Perfectly suited to promote events, highlight presence at trade shows or to organise a group of people on excursions! Rugged and lightweight, the backpack can be used with four different flag shapes and comes complete with fibre poles. Material Reinforced nylon backpack, fibre poles Graphic area Single-sided Graphic attachment Pole pocket Graphic shapes Feather - Quill - Edge Street Flag Street Flag UF-ZMSTF-01 310(w) x 540(h) x 80(d) mm Graphic Codes G-ZMSTF-EDG-FKB Street Flag Edge graphic with black pole pocket G-ZMSTF-FEA-FKB Street Flag Feather graphic with black pole pocket G-ZMSTF-QUI-FKB Street Flag Quill graphic with black pole pocket G-ZMSTF-XB-BE Street Flag X banner Mobile Flags Flags | Outdoor X-banner Feather Quill Edge One bag can be used with 4 flag shapes! Zipped compartment to store graphics Reinforced shoulder straps, adjustable strap and side mesh pocket Storage for poles and rods

16 Tents Promotional tents are the perfect vehicle to showcase your brand messaging whilst offering protection from the weather. Portable and easy to assemble, simply add vibrant graphics to attract customers into your marketing space. 3x6 Zoom Tent

17 3x3 Zoom Tent Bora Tent Tents | Outdoor

18 1 Choose your size 3x3 Frame 3x4.5 Frame 3x6 Frame ZT33-XAF-01 ZT345-XAF-01 ZT36-XAF-01 Zoom tents are quick and easy to assemble. Available in black, white or fully printed to get your brand noticed in outdoor locations. Canopy White/black Canopy and walls Printed Valance (Not shown) Full Wall Printed Canopy, Valance and walls Half Wall A B C D A B C D Ensure your event’s a success come rain or shine by using an easy to deploy vibrant lightweight aluminium pop-up tent frame system. The Zoom Tent folds out and returns in minutes with tool-free deployment. Dress with a custom full printed canopy, full and half walls. Available in a range of sizes. Material Aluminium frame, plastic joins Graphic area Double-sided (wall, half wall) / single-sided (canopy) Graphic colours White - Black (standard) / Full Graphic (optional) Graphic attachment Hook and loop / Pocket (half wall) Ground fixing Pegs and ropes (included) Wind resistance Up to 18 mph / 29 km/h Transport Wheeled Standard Case Zoom Tent Crank to tighten the canopy Pop-up frame Tent weight (optional) Automatic locking Wheeled standard case included

19 2 3 4 5 Add your accessories ZT33-MTB Zoom Tent 3x3 Half Wall Mounting Bar ZT345-MTB Zoom Tent 3x4.5 Half Wall Mounting Bar ZT-BASE Zoom Tent Base Weight 7.5KG Add a printed valance 3x3 Frame 3x4.5 Frame 3x6 Frame G-ZT33-V-WR G-ZT345-V-WR G-ZT36-V-WR Choose your canopy Size White Black Printed 3x3 Frame ZT33-CTW ZT33-CTK G-ZT33-C-WR 3x4.5 Frame ZT345-CTW ZT345-CTK G-ZT345-C-WR 3x6 Frame ZT36-CTW ZT36-CTK G-ZT36-C-WR Choose your walls Size White Black Full Wall ZTXX-FWW ZTXX-FWK Half Wall ZTXX-HWW ZTXX-HWK Size Printed: Single Side Printed: Double Sided Full Wall G-ZTXX-W-1-WR G-ZTXX-W-2-WR Half Wall G-ZTXX-HW-1-WR G-ZTXX-HW-2-WR XX: for your required wall size, replace XX with 33 | 345 | 36 Half Walls: Require a Half Wall Mounting ZTXX-MTB, Bar available in 3x3 and 3x4.5. 3x6 Frame: Order 2 x G-ZT33 (Full / Half Wall). G-ZT36-W-1-WR single sided printed full wall 6M. The ideal way to add a touch of branding to tents with black or white canopies Tents | Outdoor


21 The Bora Inflatable Tent is a sturdy and attractive option for outdoor displays. Create shade and shelter for a registration desk, refreshment area or meeting point that fully shows off a brand. As one of the largest products in the range, there is plenty of print area on the canopy and backwalls (optional extra) for brand messaging. The backwalls zip in, so can be changed for a different message from the canopy if you wish. The Bora Tent uses trapped air technology: silent and free-standing once inflated. Material TPU, Polyester inner coat Graphic area Single-sided Graphic attachment Zip system (standard) / hook and loop (full graphic) Ground fixing Pegs (optional, not included) Wind resistance Up to 24 mph / 39 km/h (if pegged) Transport Carry Bag (included) Bora Tent Bora Tent INFT3-2Z 3200(w) x 2450(h) x 3200(d) mm Inflatable tents 400W electric pump (optional) INFTA-PE4EU Inflation valve Carry bag included Tents | Outdoor Graphic Codes G-INFT3-C-WR Printed Canopy for Bora Inflatable Tent G-INFT3-WA-WR Printed Wall for Bora Inflatable Tent Accessories INFTA-PE4EU 400 Watt Electric Pump

22 Barriers Barriers provide a quick and easy solution to queue management as well as an eye-catching promotional opportunity. Ideal for outdoor dining spaces and managing crowds at venues, simply add branded graphics to give your messaging stand out.

23 Barriers | Outdoor Economy Café Barrier Deluxe Café Barrier

24 1 2 Choose your barrier Choose your hardware Economy Café Barrier (UB214) Steel zinc alloy Deluxe Café Barrier (UB215) Aluminium with chrome look finish Hardware Economy: Black Deluxe: Chrome Cafe Barrier Base UB214B UB215B Cafe Barrier Post UB214P UB215P Cafe Barrier Bar 1000(w) mm UB214-1000 UB215-1000 Cafe Barrier Bar 1500(w) mm UB214-1500 UB215-1500 Cafe Barrier Bar 2000(w) mm UB214-2000 UB215-2000 Pair of Spring Clips UB214-SC UB215-SC

25 4 5 3 Choose your graphic Pole Pocket Top & Bottom Size Single-sided Double-sided 1m G-CAF-1000-P-1-BE G-CAF-1000-P-2-BE 1.5m G-CAF-1500-P-1-BE G-CAF-1500-P-2-BE 2m G-CAF-2000-P-1-BE G-CAF-2000-P-2-BE Pole Pocket Top & Spring Clips Bottom Size Single-sided Double-sided 1m G-CAF-1000-SC-1-BE G-CAF-1000-SC-2-BE 1.5m G-CAF-1500-SC-1-BE G-CAF-1500-SC-2-BE 2m G-CAF-2000-SC-1-BE G-CAF-2000-SC-2-BE Barriers | Outdoor Choose your graphic attachment Pole Pockets Spring Clips For locations that are subject to high wind, we recommend using poles top and bottom. Spring clips are suitable for locations unaffected by wind and for those looking for a budget option. Finished Product Examples To create the 2m Deluxe Café Barrier in the images shown on the left Hardware 3x Base (UB215B), 3x Post (UB215P), 4x Spring Clips (UB215-SC), 2x Barrier bar (UB215-1000) Graphics 2x 1m double-sided graphics, pole top and Spring Clips bottom G-CAF-1000-SC-2-BE

26 Outstanding Print and Finishing Capabilities Let Ultima Displays service your print requirements. Unlock the full potential of Ultima Displays’ extensive product range with our in-house print services. Our cutting-edge print systems, backed by a seasoned team of finishing specialists, allows you to offer your clients a broader portfolio of Creative Display Solutions. By tapping into our expertise, you can expand your business without distractions, risk or investment. 10,000m² printed per day Through ongoing investment in our European print capabilities, we ensure reliability, efficiency and consistency across all our locations, leveraging the latest print innovations to produce up to 10,000m² of high-quality graphics per day. From simple one-off prints, through to 3.2m wide exhibition boards, we combine fast turnaround times with stringent quality control and print colour profiling. We offer dye-sublimation printing for high-definition print that won’t wash or peel off and that doesn’t affect the feel or quality of the fabric, in addition to Latex and UV printing for a clean and durable finish, producing vivid colours suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. A wide choice of substrates By offering a variety of fully tested textiles and PVC materials, we give you access to a comprehensive portfolio of vibrant, long-lasting printed products in one place. We carefully select the materials we use to meet your requirements in terms of sustainability, quality, colour rendition, vibrancy, and cost. Expert finishing Our highly experienced in-house sewing and finishing team works tirelessly to complete projects to the highest standards. We can manufacture a variety of standard and custombuilt designs, many with complex shapes and finishes for maximum impact. All our products are tested before they leave our workshops to ensure customer satisfaction. HP Stitch S1000 dye sublimation printer for vibrant results and colour consistency 5x HP stitch S1000 4x HP Stitch 500 1x HP 3.2 Latex 2x Durst Rhotex 325 1x Durst Rho P10 250 1x Durst UV : Rho 312R European Print Plant List Highlights

27 Partner with Ultima Displays Expand your business horizons by providing your clients with unparalleled access to Creative Display Solutions that empower brands. Zund Cutting Machine

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