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Segmented Frame Walls

Professional grade backwalls, which are expandable and easy to use

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Baseline Jumbo Panel Kits

Panel kits are easy to assemble and are reconfigurable and re-positionable. Panels are hinged and free-standing. Position panels in multiple ways. Use to create a screen or office partition. Manufactured to order.

Baseline Panel and Pole Kits

Panel kits are easy to assemble, reconfigure and re-position. The hinged panels can be positioned in multiple ways and come in two heights (600mm or 700mm) and two widths (900mm or 1000mm). Stabilising feet are included and kits are manufactured to order.

Baseline Panel Kits

Panel kits are easy to assemble and are reconfigurable and re-positionable. Panels are hinged and available in two heights (900mm and 1000mm) and two widths (600mmm and 700mm). Position panels in multiple ways. Manufactured to order.

Baseline Tabletop Panel kit

Part of our classic folding Panel and Pole range of practical, durable and reconfigurable displays, ideally sized for countertops.

Baseline Wheeled Panel Kits

Baseline panels provide the perfect solution for any display or back drop requirement. Baseline Wheeled Panel Kits have lockable castors and are perfect as mobile displays or backdrops. They are also a practical screening solutions for temporarily zoning a space and are manufactured to order.

Vector 50 mm Kit

Robust aluminium free-standing frame, packs down for ease of transportation and available in a wide range of sizes accommodating a SEG graphic creating the perfect look for any retail scenario.

Our product families

Segmented Frame Walls

Segmented Frame Walls are professional grade display backwalls, often used for exhibitions, larger events or where more permanent and durable display requirements are needed. 

Many of Ultima Displays segmented frame solutions are designed to be reconfigured and reused multiple times, including the ability to change graphics as needed – increasing the return on investment and giving flexibility for different applications and requirements. 

As you would expect from a professional solution, there are a range of standard sizes, as well as the option to fully customise the size, as well as illuminated options to bring a display to life.


  • Professional grade exhibition and display backwalls

  • Reusable hardware, improving return on investment

  • Expandable backwall system, giving flexibility to change display requirements to suit different events and spaces

  • Easy to assemble and store

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