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Refresh retail communication solutions in a flash!

Stand out in crowded environments and add value to traditional visual communication channels by choosing THE most accessible dynamic solution on the market.


This new technology, commonly described as a dynamic display, has now been integrated into the popular Vector 75mm frame for enhanced viewer engagement. The dynamic display combines rollable custom printed SEG fabric graphics with LED animation, making it an intermediate solution between a digital screen and a static fabric SEG frame display solution.

This new technology, commonly called digital signage, is integrated into an existing solution: the Vector 75mm frame. The digital signage combines printed textiles (fixed with PVC rings) with LED animations: it is an intermediate solution between the digital screen and the fixed textile frame. The solution is characterised by its ease of installation and message renewal. A simple USB key is enough to make the visuals dynamic and offer a new dimension to communications.

Although now dynamic, the solution still maintains simple tool-free assembly and the ability to renew a brand message just by changing the fabric SEG graphic.  A simple USB stick is all that is required to take a visual communication solution and make it an engaging dynamic solution.

Showcasing a logo, product or message dynamically is simple. Choose the image to be animated, and the Ultima Displays DTP team will programme the dynamic moving elements and output to USB stick. Just plug-and-play for a new sensory experience in retail stores, window displays, exhibitions or events!

Technical features

Perfect for…

Pop Up Shop

Window Displays

Car Showroom

Retail Signage

Features and benefits

The u.motion™ range of products

Vector 75 mm LED u.motion™ Kit

Dynamic display technology that fits into a 75mm Vector profile. The roll-up LED curtain allows for a mobile and easy installation solution. Six standard formats available.

Vector 75mm LED u.motion™ Wall Mounted

Dynamic display technology that fits into a 75mm Vector profile. The roll-up LED panel allows for a mobile and easy installation solution.

The Display Handbook

Take a look at our latest Display Handbook to view our comprehensive range of products. If you have any queries or questions, call our Ultima Sales Team on +44 (0) 1536 272250.

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