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Vector 30 mm LED Kit

Attract attention with our custom backlit Vector LED backlit wall-mounted lightbox. Perfect for small format displays, the sleek and narrow profile makes it ideal for interior decoration when you want to make an impact. The display is illuminated using a powerful linkable LED backlit display system that will deliver a consistent lighting across the graphic and ensure the display is always vibrant.

Vector 75 mm LED Kit

Vector 75 mm LED Kit

Large format wall mounted edgelit lightbox, creating even light across a wide area to illuminate your chosen graphic helping you stand out from the crowd.

Vector 75mm LED u.motion™ Wall Mounted

Dynamic display technology that fits into a 75mm Vector profile. The roll-up LED panel allows for a mobile and easy installation solution.


Ultima Displays exclusive Vector LED extrusions are specifically designed to accommodate our energy efficient LED lights and drivers, giving confidence that lights and hardware will work in harmony to deliver an even, consistent and bright light source for your Silicone Edged Graphic (SEG).

Vector LED is available in different profile widths, to meet even the most exacting requirement, and can either be wall mounted, suspended, or free standing.

Vector LED is designed exclusively for SEG graphics.

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