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Economy Café

Economy Café

A cost-effective way of defining areas outside restaurants, bars, shopping centre and coffee shops.
A complete Café Barrier system requires two posts and bases. To secure the graphic, there are two options; dependent on budget and where the system is being deployed.
If the Café Barrier is exposed to strong winds, we recommend a two-rail option ensuring the graphic is secured top and bottom to each post and base. If winds are not an issue but the budget is tight, then we suggest a single rail with two spring clips securing the bottom of the graphic.
Rails are available in 1m, 1.5m and 2m sizes so it is quick and easy to calculate the number of café barriers required to define your space. To connect multiple barriers, add your choice of rails/spring clips plus one additional pole and base.
All hardware components are finished in black. We can print vibrant graphics on PVC vinyl or recycled eco media.

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