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Working in the field of science or manufacturing involves the use of modern and innovative technologies where communication needs to be clear and easily understood.

From in-house company communication to specific event or exhibition requirements, Ultima Displays has unique solutions to make relaying information simple and effective. Products can also be used for permanent decor in business premises, conferences, trade fairs - even open days.  There are a multitude of display products that will get corporate and brand messaging noticed.



From asking for help, raising awareness, donating or educating, charities can’t survive without the generosity of volunteers and donors - fundraising is always a constant need. Coherent and relevant communication that links activities and fundraising together are therefore imperative.

Ultima Displays recognises that one of the most popular activities taken advantage of by charities are events. Choose from a range of products that meet the demands of charities. Flags, exhibition stands, signage and other accessories can help to organise events, promote and champion ideas and attract the attention of participants, donors and volunteers.



Government organisations have great responsibility for the welfare of their citizens. Therefore both government and public issues need to be clearly communicated seamlessly, with clear, precise messaging.

This can involve extensive travelling and meeting schedules, which is demanding for presenters and delegates. Ultima Displays understands these challenges and has products and accessories for a variety of different requirements; events, conferences, reception and official meetings amongst other engagements.

Choose solutions that can be easily transported, customised and are quickly and easily assembled and deployed wherever an event or show is taking place.

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The Health and pharmaceutical industries have always been key areas of innovation and medical breakthroughs. The pandemic has amplified this with a greater need for individual wellbeing; protection, recovery and prevention are important marketing messages to deliver. Keeping the public informed as much as possible has also become essential, to maintain good health.

When organising events, shows or meetings between business professionals or with the general public, brand messaging needs to be clear, easy and quick to understand. Ultima Displays has a wide range of display signage and exhibition stand solutions to promote health messaging to an audience.



Self-employed professionals continually need to market their business to generate new leads, form business partnerships and grow revenue.

For example, keeping up-to-date with the latest trend in your industry and networking are beneficial avenues to increase opportunities. Organising training, seminars and conferences are essential elements of this. Ultima Displays’ range of signage and display solutions are ideal for this market by being highly portable, customisable and competitively priced.

Many products come with a guarantee and can be reused and reconfigured.

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Travel and exploring new cultures can broaden more than just horizons.

The tourism industry is regaining economic strength with travellers on the move once more. Whether travelling to the other side of the world or closer to home, the need to promote your business requires clear and concise signage and way-finding solutions for tourists on the way to new destinations.

As well as wayfinding solutions, Ultima Displays has a full range of display solutions for businesses working within the tourism industry. Travel companies and agents requiring stands for exhibitions, conferences or events (professional and public), to promote brand communication can choose from a variety of portable, renewable and reconfigurable solutions for great return on investment.

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Film, television, radio, the press and public relations are skilled at delivering messages to consumers via their chosen media, but they too need marketing support for events and promotions.

Festivals, book promotions, artist appearances and exhibitions are all events likely to attract hundreds or even thousands of supporting fans. Communicating a brand image or marketing message is therefore important, which is where Ultima Displays can supply the perfect display solutions to promote brand communication both indoors and outdoors.

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The Trade and Distribution sectors are active all year round, and work hard to attract and develop new and loyal customers for years to come.

Therefore, creating a vibrant and lasting impact that entices customers is a core part of the business. It is therefore imperative to have eye-catching packaging and effective advertising and marketing communication tools to convey a brand. Ultima Displays provides a range of products and accessories for highly effective brand communication. Create stand-out for showrooms, point of sale opportunities, demonstrations or trade shows.

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Sport and its health benefits have become increasingly important. Whether it’s at a professional, amateur or fan participation level, there are a variety of fantastic occasions for communicating a brand to all.

From organising sports events, meetings, matches or conferences, Ultima Displays realises that these events are important business opportunities and offer a full range of portable indoor and outdoor display products for truly effective brand communication.

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Businesses in the Financial Services industry are essential to the smooth running of the economy. From managing, advising and handling budgets; businesses deal with fluctuating markets and changeable regulations in a highly competitive and tough field.

Industry officials are often required to travel on business trips, organise events, meetings, conferences or seminars. Ultima Displays understands the need to make a good impression, to inspire confidence and demonstrate a company’s expertise and professionalism and has an array of unique eye-catching stands and displays to help strongly promote corporate brand messaging.

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The property market is an expanding business with burgeoning selling opportunities. New working and living trends emerging from the pandemic are just one example of an alternative marketing channel that businesses in this sector can take full advantage of and create appeal to a new set of consumers.

Demonstrating your business’s advantages, from the high street or exhibiting at industry gatherings such as trade fairs, seminars or business meetings, are imperative marketing moments not to be missed. Ultima Displays have highly efficient display and exhibition stand systems and products that are portable, customisable and renewable for greater ROI and are easy to assemble and deploy for vibrant visual impact and brand messaging.

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With the emergence of new consumer habits and fluctuating environmental factors, the Transport and Logistics industry is subject to almost constant change requiring businesses to adapt and reinvent themselves to stay competitive.

Ultima Displays understands the need for products to be easy to assemble and deploy, be customisable and renewable for great return on investment. Ultima Displays provides professional communication solutions for conventions, conferences, exhibitions and trade fairs.

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The Energy sector often must respond to fluctuating market conditions.  Ultima Displays understand the complexities and difficulties of such changeable forces and has developed products  that can be adapted or renewed as the market changes, even during a business trip, seminar, convention or other event. There is also the option of customisable stands that can also be renewed or adapted; all designed to maintain brand image when corporate communications need to change.

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The media and entertainment industry is all-encompassing and covers cinema, television, radio and press. Each individual sector requires appropriate promotional displays not only inside venues but also outside of them too. Festivals, award ceremonies, new programme or book launches are events which earns the attention of hundreds, even thousands of interested people. A visual communication display in the entertainment industry has to be designed with the appropriate audience in mind, which is quite a challenge. Whether it's a mass event or a modest book signing at your local library, we can help you choose the correct system for your event from our varied range of hardware and accompanying graphic media. Select from traditional roller banners, stands, flags, walls, modular systems to more substantial custom designed structures. Most of systems we offer are reusable and come with a guarantee for peace of mind as well as ensuring a good return on investment. In conjunction with this, many of the graphic applications for our displays are changeable, so the display hardware can be re-used for many events by just changing the graphics for new brand messaging. Our Vector modules and Modulate™ frames can be used as classic walls, stands, or to create zones in large spaces to form breakout meeting areas. Of course, if you do decide on a modular solution for your event, release or promotion, then you will have the flexibility to vary the configuration to fit in any location with ease and save having to purchase new hardware for each different application.

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Agriculture is a vital sector in Europe and is an industry that is continually developing new products and services which require substantial investment and marketing.

It is therefore important for brand communication to be clear and succinct at exhibitions, business meetings, trade fairs and at other small or large-scale events. Ultima Displays has a wide range of brand communication solutions and accessories to convey brand messaging. The range is suitable for every type of event, both indoor and outdoor. There is also the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd and differentiate a brand from competitors by creating a custom, tailor-made stand structure with Ultima Displays team of highly experienced CAD engineers.

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