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Products tagged with 'marco de pared'

Trappa Frame

Trappa Frame

The Trappa 'snap-action' Frame delivers a professional look and is is quick to fix to a wall and easy to update. Posters can be changed, simply by opening the frame edges.

Vector 30 mm LED Kit

Attract attention with our custom backlit Vector LED backlit wall-mounted lightbox. Perfect for small format displays, the sleek and narrow profile makes it ideal for interior decoration when you want to make an impact. The display is illuminated using a powerful linkable LED backlit display system that will deliver a consistent lighting across the graphic and ensure the display is always vibrant.

Vector 75mm LED u.motion™ Wall Mounted

Dynamic display technology that fits into a 75mm Vector profile. The roll-up LED panel allows for a mobile and easy installation solution.

Vector 75 mm LED Kit

Vector 75 mm LED Kit

Large format wall mounted edgelit lightbox, creating even light across a wide area to illuminate your chosen graphic helping you stand out from the crowd.

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