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Post /Wall Mounted

Height adjustable outdoor post , pole or lamp post mounted flag solution

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The Mistral is a fixed outdoor flag system designed for mounting to lampposts or building exteriors and is perfect for advertising or promoting a brand or event. The mechanism attaches directly to a pole, posts, or wall and can be moved to accommodate varying graphic heights.
An eye-catching solution that can also be used for information and wayfinding. This flag is especially effective when repeated over a series of posts.

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Post /Wall Mounted

Mistral pole mounted flags are specifically designed by Ultima Displays for application to a pole, post or lamp post. When deployed they are highly visible from long distances and ideal for wayfinding or advertising in streets, market squares, pavilions, and open public spaces.
Pole mounted flags are also highly versatile as graphics are easy to refresh for the changing of an event or brand advertising, giving return on investment.

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