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Tension Banners

Cost effective, lightweight display banners

Product list

Beijing Lite

Beijing Lite

Basic X-banner. Ultra-light frame. Very easy to assemble and compact once packed down.


Popular “L” shaped banner combines stability with easy change graphics. Simple and quick to deploy and lightweight to transport.



Blizzard is a great all-rounder as it is ideal for all kinds of corporate, sporting and outdoor events. Its simple design makes it very easy to assemble on-site, and because it’s adjustable, it can accommodate different graphic sizes to suit your application.

Our product families

Tension Banners

Tension banner solutions offer a cost-effective display banner option.  Featuring lightweight structures, with separate graphics, they are suited to light footfall areas and high volume, cost sensitive campaigns.

As the graphics are separate to the hardware, it is possible to reuse the hardware and replace the graphics as needed – increasing the attractiveness of this solution when cost is a major consideration.


  • Cost effective solution, with reusable hardware and separate graphics

  • Lightweight

  • Suitable for low footfall areas

  • Available in indoor or outdoor options

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