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Zoom+ Arch

The Zoom+ Arch stands out at any outdoor event or activity. With an overall height of 3m to the top of the graphic and a 4m width, it’s perfect to use as a focal point or to attract attention. Simple and quick to assemble, it can be deployed in minutes and when used with the optional stackable bases, provides an extremely stable display that can be used in windspeeds of up to 20mph.

Zoom+ Edge Flag

Popular and versatile, lightweight rectangular shaped flag system with black finish all-fibre poles. Ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor displays. Quick and easy to deploy and can withstand winds of approximately 13 -18m/h (21-29km/h). Optional custom printed flag graphic available in single and double-sided options (small, medium, and large), and all flag graphics have a printed pole pocket. The flag moves naturally in breezy/windy conditions and is ideal for attracting attention on car forecourts, at exhibitions and events, or outside a building or premises.

Zoom+ Flag

Zoom+ Flag

Popular and versatile, lightweight flexible flag system, with black finish all fibre poles. Choose Feather or Quill shaped graphics. Ideal for advertising and used for all types of indoor and outdoor displays. Optional custom printed flag graphics are available in a range of sizes from small to extra-large and, with a choice of single or double-sided options (small, medium, and large). The eye-catching shape creates movement in the wind and is a great for attracting attention.  


A very popular size, and ideal for attracting attention from a distance, due to its height.

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