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Zoom Cross Base 14.5 kgs

The 14.5 kg black cross base offers great stability to the medium and large size flags of the Zoom range. 

Parasol Base 23L

A handy moulded carry handle makes moving the base to your desired location easy. The Water Base has an adjustable collar to secure the flag pole and keep it upright.

Zoom Large Cross Base

The Cross Base is an ideal flag companion as its design will not detracted attention away from the messages on the flag.  Collapsible, lightweight, and portable; making it quick and simple to deploy and easy to store and transport.

Zoom foldable small cross base

Stand with four folding arms, ideal for small and medium sized flags, mainly for indoor use. It can be combined with the weighting ring to provide additional stability outdoors.

Zoom Drive-on-car-foot

The Drive on Car Foot is ideal for use on car showroom and forecourts, or outdoor events. Drive your vehicle onto the foot, ensuring it is on firm and level ground, and the car will act as a counterweight to the flag and pole. The foot is constructed from heavy duty galvanised steel and is designed to last. With the weight of a vehicle, this flag base is suitable for use both indoors and out and can accept all flag heights.

Zoom Square Base

The square base is the best seller in the Zoom range! It is available in 9 and 13 kgs and is made of black sheet steel with a satin finish. Its discreet design will keep the flag upright and draw attention to the message to be communicated. The base is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

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