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Designer and Manufacturer of Modular Display Solutions 

The leading European creative display solutions supplier

We are a full service display solutions manufacturer servicing our clients across Europe, offering both standard and custom product to our trusted partners and resellers. We provide a complete range of display solutions and provide first class customer service to exceed the needs of our clients and their customers.

Our extensive range of display products are designed, printed and manufactured on site and configured before despatch to ensure the perfect fit every time.

Thousands of products available

We have an extensive range of display solutions, many of which are designed by our Product Team offering a range of creative display solutions tailored to the market requirements. We consistently review our range of products to ensure we supply a range of contemporary display solutions with an emphasis on portability, reusability and high-quality materials. All our hardware comes with a quality guarantee and many of our manufactured modular solutions offer a lifetime guarantee.

Distribution to 38 countries

With six logistics hubs across Europe and sister companies in Canada and the USA, we’re able to offer fast, low-cost delivery of our display solutions to 38 different countries. If required, we can ship directly to your customer or their build location with our white-label delivery service.

Delivery in 24–48 hours

We know how important speed and reactivity are in the events and exhibitions industry. With 10,000 square metres of permanent storage capacity across our branches, we’re able to keep a huge range of stock on hand to expedite delivery. We aim to despatch standard stock hardware items within 24 hours, and custom sizes within 3-to-5 working days depending upon project complexity.

Competitive pricing

To ensure that there is a display solution for every application, our extensive portfolio includes a wide range of basic, standard and premium products, all at competitive market prices. Many of our products can be adapted to custom sizes for a cost-effective solution, while our modular exhibition stands can be reused and adapted for a variety of purposes, helping you to save money and reduce waste.

Large-format printing services

Whichever Ultima Displays location you work with, and whichever products you choose, you’ll be able to benefit from outstanding quality and vibrant graphics. Our extensive large-format printing facilities allow us to offer dye-sublimation, latex and UV printing, with high-performance cutting equipment to finish each project to our exacting standards. All printing and finishing is carried out in our on-site facilities to ensure a fast turnaround.

Our printing and finishing capacities

10,000m² printed per day

From simple one-off jobs to exhibition display boards up to 3.2 metres wide, we deliver excellent quality and fast printing times with stringent quality control and print colour profiling. Every day, Ultima Displays prints 10,000m² of high-quality graphics for our trusted network of display solutions resellers, so you can be sure that no job is too big for us to handle.

Dye-sublimation printing

Dye-sublimation is a printing process where ink penetrates the fabric fibres and is permanently bonded by heat. This results in a detailed, high-definition print that won’t wash or peel off and doesn’t affect the feel or quality of the fabric. We use both direct and paper transfer to facilitate the technique, and we only use water-based inks with no toxic chemicals for a safer, more environmentally friendly approach.

Latex and UV printing

Latex and UV printing deliver a clean, durable finish on flexible and rigid substrates, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. These printing processes produce vivid colours on display banners, outdoor signage, pop-up display tents and more to catch the attention of an audience.

A wide choice of printable substrates.

By offering a variety of fully tested textiles and PVC materials, we give our partners access to a comprehensive portfolio of vibrant, long-lasting printed products in one place. We carefully select the materials we use to meet your requirements in terms of quality, colour rendition, vibrancy and cost, so you’re proud to include our range of products in your offering. The growing need for environmentally conscious solutions is another key focus of ours. We offer a variety of more sustainable choices, supporting you and your client's environmental policies.

Expert finishing

Our highly experienced in-house sewing and finishing team works tirelessly to complete your projects to the highest standards. This allows us to manufacture a variety of standard and custom-built designs, many with complex shapes and finishes, and produce them to a high-quality standard for maximum impact. From custom exhibition stands to textile light displays, all our products are tested before they leave our workshops to ensure customer satisfaction.

Fast artwork processing

Our automated system makes the artwork process quick and easy, saving you time and effort. Once you upload your artwork, the system automatically generates an order confirmation email, and sends a follow-up email within two hours with a proof of the final design for your client to sign off. If your artwork doesn’t pass the initial printing check, you’ll receive instructions on how to correct it before re-uploading.

Portable & modular display products

As an industry-leading display solutions company, we’re able to handle custom-build projects, with particular expertise in designing and manufacturing modular and pop-up exhibition stands. Using light-weight aluminium frames that can be connected in a variety of configurations allows us to create highly versatile structures that are able to adapt to the changing needs of your clients. However simple or complex the project, we’ll support you throughout the initial design and planning stages through to manufacturing and aftercare.

3D designs created by our CAD experts

We can produce custom-build projects for just about any indoor or outdoor application, from hanging trade show ceiling banner to custom modular exhibition stands. Our CAD experts will listen to your requirements, advise you on the best solution to achieve the required functionality within your client’s budget, and create 3D renders to demonstrate exactly what your finished products will look like before going ahead.

Made in Europe

We manufacture both our standard and custom modular solutions at our extensive on-site facilities throughout Europe. From the thermoforming, cutting and assembly of aluminium frames for custom exhibition stands to the printing, sewing and finishing of curved merchandise display stands, we handle the entire production process in house. This means that we’re able to offer products in pre-assembled or kit form as required, as well as bespoke packing services for multiple retail locations.

Quality processes

Ensuring the safety and quality of our retail display stands is of the utmost importance, and our in-house manufacturing facilities allow us to take complete ownership of our product quality. On top of this, our experienced and dedicated quality control team constructs each product carefully before despatch, making sure that every item leaves our facility in perfect condition and to your precise specifications.

Innovation & continuous improvement

As the leading creative display solutions company across Europe, we pride ourselves on our ongoing investment in product research and development, allowing us to continually improve our portfolio. This includes carrying out technical and environmental research to ensure that our range of display solutions conforms to current safety standards, market trends and customer expectations, while providing long-term value and a unique offering.
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