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Twista Lite

Twista Lite

Twista Lite delivers a smart, modern poster display system that is quick and simple to deploy via the 'snap-action' rail. Versatile as well as functional it can be displayed single-sided on walls or double-sided when suspended from ceilings.

Insert for Screw Fixing

Used in conjunction with the Strata Cable Display System. The Insert Scew Fixing is suitable for PO109 Strata Cable Kits and Stand-off components.

Panel Supports

Used in conjunction with the Strata Cable Display System. The Panel Supports are suitable for 4mm thick substrates and A4/A5 poster holders


Create simple impressive three dimensional signage and displays using high-calibre aluminium Strata Stand-off components. Make your signage and wall displays stand-out with Strata Stand-offs. Aluminium components which will make the substrate it's holding in place looks as if it's floating off the surface behind it.

Adjustable Fixing Cable

For a unique way to impart information in a variety of different spaced locations, look no further than the Strata Adjustable Cable Fixing Kit. Once deployed they become effortless to change thus allowing for new brand messaging and offers in an instant.

Acrylic Poster Holder

Strata Acrylic Poster Holders with single and double-sided support components are our most favoured applications that are used in conjunction with the Strata Cable Display System.

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