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Twista Lite

Twista Lite

Twista Lite delivers a smart, modern poster display system that is quick and simple to deploy via the 'snap-action' rail. Versatile as well as functional it can be displayed single-sided on walls or double-sided when suspended from ceilings.

Vector Media

Vector Media is a versatile display which accepts a variety of changeable media substrates; from SEG stretch fabric to rollable PVC.
Each side of the frame has a channel for SEG  fabrics, alternatively you can also use  PVC with magnetic strips that magnetise to the inner frame profile.

Illumigo™ Retail

Illumigo™ Retail is an innovative portable LED lightbox that is specifically designed for retail environments because of its size and stability. The 1600 x 600mm double-sided illuminated display comes in a protective compartmented box with handle for ease of transportation. Deploys tool-free in minutes thanks to pre-assembled LED lighting and push-fit optional dye-sublimated graphics.

Formulate Monolith

Formulate Monolith

Monolith; the gently giant, with weighted base for high traffic areas and practical, changeable fabric graphics for multiple brand messaging. This tall double-sided display banner comes in a variety of widths, from 600mm up to 1500mm, and is trusted for stability and easy deployment.  

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